The geographic location of the test area enables ATC to support a wide array of missions for land, sea and air.

The range instrumentation is highly mobile in order to maximize flexibility and sensor coverage in the test area.

Sea-based testing can be performed in both open and littoral waters. The test area allows for a straight trajectory of up to 115 nautical miles, which can be extended if necessary.

ATC can support missions such as:

  • Aircraft system testing and drop tests
  • Test of missile systems from ship and shore
  • Test of boosters and rocket motors
  • Test of missile seekers
  • UAV/RPAS testing and operational training
  • GBAD test and operational training

ATC also offer firing range services, allowing customers to practice live firings in an operational environment.
The test range is ideal for testing of new or existing remotely piloted aircraft systems, thanks to the open waters, low density airspace and the military air station.