New Static Sea Target Platform

ATC has increased our target portofolio with a new vessel and concept. Initially built as a target platform, it has been enhanced to be able to perform as an unmanned advanced instrumentation platform as well. Our Static Sea Target Platform is custom built to withstand the rough weather conditions that can be ancontered at the […]


New Aerial Targets

ATC can now offer customers multiple types of relevant and realistic aerial targets for surface to air live firing exercises


Airbus & ATC supplying the Defence with aircraft parts

A partnership between ATC and Airbus is establishing a new and efficient logistics service for aircraft parts on Andøya


Mobile Telemetry Systems

ATC, a solution provider for aerospace testing and validation, is adding a new capability to its advanced telemetry systems.


New Services for UAV/RPA Testing and Evaluation

Andøya Test Center (ATC), a state of the art test range in northern Norway, is adding a new market segment to its product portfolio.