Activities 2016

Never before has so many customers used ATC to perform so many firing campaigns, against so many targets, and with so many weapons fired and tested.

With these activities, ATC has once again proven to be the preferred option for the delivery of Firing Range Services for previous and new customers.

ATC is proud to have got the opportunity of working with so many diverse military and civilian agencies, some of which ATC has never worked with before.

New solutions and setups have been tried out to tailor the Firing Range Services according to the various customers’ requirements. Amongst these are the testing and use of new solutions regarding Target Services, the use of the largest Danger Area at our range to date (80×120 nautical miles), the use of various aerial- and surface-targets never previously employed at the Range, and new ways of employing our existing Range Equipment.

  • AMRAAM-ER Technical Firing May 2016

    In May 2016, Kongsberg and Raytheon performed a technical firing event of their GBAD AMRAAM-ER  systems at Nordmela GBAD range. A number of missiles were launched against Banshee aerial targets operated by Meggitt and RNoAF.

  • RNoAF GBAD Live Firing Exercise 2016

    In May 2016 the RNoAF GBAD unit from LVBn, 132 Airwing, took their Live Firing Exercise to Nordmela GBAD Range as they have previous years. A number of missiles from the NASAMS II system were launched in a tactical setting against Banshee aerial targets. The targets were delivered and operated by Meggitt in Cooperation with the RNoAF.

    A unit consisting of both professionals and conscripts, the LVBn impressed again with their professionality, speed, and efficiency in which their Live Firing Exercise were performed.

  • RNLN MissilEx 2016

    In June 2016, on the tail of “Operation Mjølner”, RNLN performed a technical Live firing of a HARPOON in the vincinity of Andøya. The missile was launched from RNLN frigate “de Ryuyter” against a floating target in Andfjorden.


    • In June 2016, Operation Mjoelner 2016 took place at Andøya Firing Range, a complex and high-paced multinational tactical/technical firing exercise, with participants from the Royal Norwegian Navy, the Royal Danish Navy, the Belgian Marine, and the Royal Netherlands Navy.
    • Numerous missiles were launched,  against static surface targets and Banshee Jet 80’s and Jet 110’s aerial targets, as well as intercepting  targets launched from Andøya Space Center.
    • The exercise also contained GUNEX elements, with  various guns engaged against aerial targets and against dynamic surface targets such as Sprite II and Tigersharks USV’s
    • This exercise took place in a tailor-made danger area that is the biggest danger area to be utilized at ATC to date, measuring at 80 x 120 nautical miles

  • NEMO 2016

    NEMO 2016 was executed in the vincinity of Andøya in June 2016. This was a multinational EW exercise with participants from 10 NATO-countries, using multiple air-, sea- and land-based platforms for conducting the exercise. ATC supported this exercise with logistical support and Range Surveillance Vessel.

  • NSM 2016 Live Firing

    The RNoN and the Polish Navy performed a joint Live Firing Exercise with the Norwegian Naval Strike Missile. RNoN performed their firings from frigate and corvettes, and the Polish Navy performed their firing from their land based Coastal Artillery launchers.

    Several missiles were launched in various scenarios against floating surface targets as well as land targets.

  • DEU NAVY MissilEx 2016, April 2016

    • The 2016 DEU Navy MissilEx Live Firing Exercise consisted of numerous challenging and complex  technical/tactical scenarios, and was conducted North-East and North-West of the island of Andøya in Northern Norway with frigates and corvettes from DEU Navy, and ATC was providing Firing Range services, and technical equipment.
    • The objectives of this campaign was weapon system trials and calibrations, as well as to train DEU Navy personnel.
    • This was the first ever cooperation between DEU Navy and ATC, and between ATC and AirBus Target Services. All challenging and complex scenarios were performed to everyones satisfaction, and ATC welcomes the possibility of working with these partners and customers again.

  • AMRAAM-ER Technical Firing August 2016

    In August 2016, Kongsberg and Raytheon performed a technical firing event of their GBAD AMRAAM-ER  systems at Nordmela GBAD range. A number of missiles were launched against Banshee aerial targets operated by Meggitt and RNoAF.

  • DEU Navy TORPEX @ Andøya 2016

    In April 2016 DEU NAVY performed a Live Firing Exercise TORPEX, with launches from DEU NAVY Lynx and Orion P-3’s.

    This TORPEX took place at the same time as the DEU NAVY MissilEx 2016.