About ATC

Andøya Test Center (ATC) is a versatile and cost effective test range for test and validation of aerospace- and ship-based applications. The range is equipped with the most modern instrumentation and infrastructure available.

Located on the island of Andøya in northern Norway, a few kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, the test range has round-the clock daylight during summer. In the winter months the climate is well suited for arctic testing of weapon systems, launched from air, sea or land.

Equipped with the latest of telemetry and tracking systems, the range can provide a full data set during the test, both in real-time and for post mission analysis.

The range has a lodging capacity of 65 rooms, which is both practical and cost effective for the project participants during the field campaign.

Located in the northern parts of Norway, logistics is still effective since ATC is located close to both an ISPS harbour and a military air field. Civilian commuter planes have daily flights to Andøya, and the airline Norwegian has a direct route from Oslo.

Through our partner Andøya Space Center (ASC),  ATC can offer access to rocket launchers capable of launching rockets up to 10 tons or 25 meters in length. ASC also has the capability to realease scientific ballons, which can be used for testing purposes and lifting capacity up to 2500 kg.