UPDATES New Static Sea Target Platform

ATC has increased our target portofolio with a new vessel and concept.

Initially built as a target platform, it has been enhanced to be able to perform as an unmanned advanced instrumentation platform as well.

Our Static Sea Target Platform is custom built to withstand the rough weather conditions that can be ancontered at the Range. It is equipped with a number of features to provide a good platform for positioning instrumentation and targets inside active Dange Areas:

  • Independent power-supply delivering up to 10kW for any onboard instrumentation, with runtime up to 48 hrs
  • High-integrity anchoring system for minimal movement
  • Winch/lifting boom for sub-surface instrumentation
  • Target masts for hoisting instrumentation/targets
  • GPS assisted AIS for Live transmission of position and heading
  • Virtually unsinkable due to its chambered twin-hull catamaran construction
  • Safety railing for safe onboard instrumentation activation in rough sea
  • Ample supply of 3-phased 220V as well as 12V/24V
  • Equipped with outriggers for cameras
  • Transmitters for Live camera/TLM feed directly to Range Control