UPDATES Airbus & ATC supplying the Defence with aircraft parts

A partnership between ATC and Airbus is establishing a new and efficient logistics service for aircraft parts on Andøya

After over a year’s preparations, Airbus Defence & Space and Andøya Test Center (ATC), start their activities on Andøya.

The purpose of the cooperation is to establish a more efficient logistics service, With the purpose of resupplying aircraft components and parts to the Norwegian and German Defence’s Maritime Patrol Aircraft P-3 Orion

A similar concept is already in use in Germany, where Airbus has the responsibility for resupplying aircraft parts to eight German Orion Aircraft

Together with the Norwegian aircraft a total of 14 aircraft will now be served, and this entails that both nations gets easier access to more parts. Furthermore, Airbus’ commercial channels for procurement and repair of aircraft parts will now be used

ATC has entered a cooperation with Airbus, and will have the local responsibility for the logistics services at Andøya.


ATC and Airbus are establishing a cooperation for a new and efficient logistics service for aircraft parts at Andøya. The cooperation will ensure that the Norwegian Defence will have a better access for relevant aircraft parts for their Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

This ensures enhanced operative availability for the Norwegian Defence, and the Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft have operative efficiency for additional 15-20 years through this Norwegian-German Cooperation.