UPDATES New Services for UAV/RPA Testing and Evaluation

Andøya Test Center (ATC), a state of the art test range in northern Norway, is adding a new market segment to its product portfolio.

Remotely piloted aircraft, also known as UAS or UAV, are gaining popularity amongst civilians and the armed forces. ATC are now able to offer services for testing and evaluation of RPAs.

ATC can offer the use of an approved air space, a military air base and full telemetry coverage. The RPA can take-off from a runway or from a dedicated launcher.

The geographic location of ATC means that an RPA mission will enjoy round-the-clock daylight in the summer months. And in winter the RPA can be tested against Arctic conditions.

ATC infrastructure is highly mobile in order to maximize the flexibility and coverage in the test area, and the nearby military air base means ATC is able to facilitate even the largest types of RPA.

Point of contact
Gunnar Jan Olsen,